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Area Of Specialization / Research Interest
 Prof. T. Alimi

M.B. A.
Ph.D. (Agricultural Economics)



  Agricultural Production Economics, Agribusiness Management and Finance

Economic analysis of business enterprises (cotton, fish farming, cassava) and their downstream sectors in Nigeria and Swaziland


                                 List Of Publications
Alimi, T., E. O. Idowu;. O. Baruwa ; O. O. Olubode-Awosola and O. C. Ajewole (2007). “Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers for Vegetable Production Under Tropical Conditions.” Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development. Swaziland. 1: 120-136.

Alimi, T.; S. B. Williams ; A. S. Bamire and A. O. Akinrin (2007). “Characteristics and Trends in Production and Market Potential of  Certified Maize Seed in Nigeria”. Lesotho Journal of Agricultural Science. Lesotho. 1: 32-55

Idowu, E. O., O. O. Alawode. T. Alimi and R. Kassali (2007). Analysis of agricultural land market in Ondo State of Nigeria. Bowen Journal of Agriculture. 4(1): 76-93.

Idowu, E. O., T. Alimi, A. A. Tijani and C. N. Okoli (2007) “Profitability and resource use efficiency in fluted pumpkin” International Journal of Vegetable Science. New York. 13 (1): 73-84.

Alimi, T,O. I. Baruwa , J. O. Bifarin, Abogan O. C. Ajewole (2008). Application of Marcov chain in forecasting plantain farm size in rain forest zone of  Osun State, Nigeria. Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development. Swaziland (2): 69-83.

Oluwasola, O and T. Alimi (2008). “Determinants of Agricultural Credit Demand and Supply among Small-scale Farmers in Nigeria” Outlook on Agriculture. 37(3):185-194.

Alimi, T., M. B. Masuku, A. A. Tijani and E. O. Idowu (2008). “Resource Use Status and Technical Efficiency of Beekeepers in Oyo State of Nigeria” Ife Journal of Agriculture. Nigeria. 23 (1): 68-85

Tijani, A. A. and T. Alimi. (2009) “Sources of agricultural growth in Nigeria: Is it horizontal and or vertical?” Lesotho Journal of Agriculture. Lesotho. 2(1): 86-105.

Alimi, T., O. C. Ajewole, O. I. Baruwa and J. O. Bifarin (2009) “ Socio- economic Factors Differential of Non-users of Fertiliser in the Adoption of Commercial Organic Fertiliser in Oyo State, Nigeria” UNISWA Research  Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology 12 (2): 101-109.

Alimi, T. and M. B. Masuku (2010) “Determinants of Household Participation in the Child Labour Force: The Case of Iwo Local Government Area in Osun State, Nigeria” Agrekon. 49 (3): 358-372.                                               

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