Name                  Qualifications  
Area Of Specialization / Research Interest
 Prof.  A. A. Amusan
  • B.Agric. – Crop Physiology;
  • M.Sc. (Soil Science) – Soil Genesis & Classification;
  • Certificate in GIS & Remote Sensing
  • Ph.D. (Soil Science) – Soil Genesis & Classification;  
  • Certificate in Site and Soil Characterization; Certificate in Wetland Characterization



  • Genesis, Characterization and Classification of Soils in the Forest, Savanna and Mangrove Ecosystems in Nigeria
  • Landuse and Land Cover Mapping;
  • Management of Degraded and Derelict Lands
  • Environmental Studies: Environmental Impact Assessment; Environmental Auditing; Environmental Monitoring and Related Studies




                                 List Of Publication

Amusan, A.A. and T.I. Ashaye (1989). Soil development in the quaternary sediment associated
with Ogun floodplain: I. Morphological, physical and chemical characteristics. Niger. J. Sci. 23

Amusan, A.A., D.J. Oyedele, J.A. Adepetu and P.O Aina (1995). Characterization and management
of soils developed in eolian material in northern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria. In: Proceedings of
Third African Soil Science Society Conference, on “Rehabilitation and Management of African Soils
for Sustainable Productivity and Environmental Protection”,pp 79-87.

Amusan, A.A. and D.M. Warren (2003). Indigenous soil classification and agricultural land-use
systems in SW-Nigeria. Afric. Soils (Sols Africains). 33/XXXIII: New Series/Nouvelle Serie, 29 – 43.

Amusan, A.A. and I.F. Adeniyi. (2005). Characterization and Heavy Metal Retention Capacity of Soils
in Mangrove Forest of the Niger Delta, Nigeria. Comm. Soil Sci. Plant Anal.36 (15 & 16): 2033 – 2045. (USA

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