The Department of Animal Sciences started as one of the programmes in the General Agriculture
Degree Programmes awarded by the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) in 1962. The Department was formerly established in 1966/1967 session. The Faculty of Agriculture operated as unified degree Programme from 1962-1977 in which every Department made a contribution towards undergraduate training in agriculture. Thereafter, with the introduction of the Bachelor of Agriculture (B.Agriculture) degree progamme, the Department graduated its first set of 9 graduates of B.Agriculture (Animal Science) in 1981.

The main objectives of the Department are to meet the manpower needs and provide knowledge-based solution to the problems of the agricultural sub-sector and the society at large.


A Centre of Excellence for the training of high caliber personnel entrusted with knowledge of
animal production as a tool for food security, income generation, gainful employment, and the
provision for high quality and wholesome animal products and services for the benefits of



The specific objectives of the Department include:

a. To prepare young professionals for careers in Animal Sciences and to instill in them, life-
long habits of dedication, leadership, innovation and service.

b. To conduct strategic research (basic and applied) in Animal Sciences so as to meet the
national challenge of food security and improved welfare.

c. To help to develop national livestock policies that will foster a sustainable, environment-
friendly and prosperous agricultural sector and national economic development.

d. To create public awareness of development in the agriculture and food industry vis--vis
quality and safety of animal products.

e. To assist with rural development through direct collaboration with smallholder
livestock units so as to promote employment, income generation and development of

Animal Sciences


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Dr. S. I. Ola
Acting Head of Department

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