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Area Of Specialization / Research Interest
 Prof. A. B. Ayanwale

B. Agric. (1st Class Hons)
PhD. (Agricultural Economics)


Production and Resource Economics;
Agribusiness Management and Finance

  Ex Ante Impact Assessment of Agricultural Research Systems in Sub Saharan Africa funded FARA, Ghana.
World Mission of Assessment of FADAMA III program in Nigeria
Response of Agricultural Commodities to Policy Distortions in Nigeria funded by AERC, Nairobi, Kenya


                                 List Of Publications
(i) Ayanwale, A.B. (2002): Family Investment in the Education of Children and Adolescents in the Rural Areas of
Osun State, Nigeria. Issues in African Rural Development Monograph Series. African Rural Policy Analysis Network/Winrock.
2000. Monograph # 21 p. 32

(ii) Ayanwale, A. B. (2007): FDI and Economic growth: Evidence from Nigeria. AERC Research Paper 165. April 2007

Journal Papers:

(i) Ayanwale, A. B. and T. Alimi (2006) “Impact of Fadama irrigation facility on technical efficiency of vegetable farmers in
Southwestern Nigeria” Bowen Journal of Agriculture Vol.3 No.1 pp.31 -37 March 2006.

(ii) Ayanwale, A. B. ; A. S. Bamire and T. Alimi (2006) “Poverty reduction, Gender Equality and Micro-credit Administration in
Nigeira: The case of Farmers Development Union” Ghana Journal of Development Studies Vol.3 No. 1 pp1-15. May 2006

(iii) Ayanwale, A. B. and Adewale Adekunle (2006) “The Influence of Information and Communication Technology on Farm Income
in Katsina State of Nigeria” Ghana Journal of Development Studies Vol.3 No.1 pp.16-34 May 2006

(iv) Alimi, T,; Ayanwale, A. B.; Bamire, A. S. and H. M. Bello (2006) “Contributions of children towards household poverty alleviation:
a gender comparison” International Journal of Applied Agricultural and Apicultural Research (IJAAAR) Vol. 3 No.1&2 pp. 96-107 Sept 2006

(v) Ayanwale, A. B. and O. Abiola (2007) “Efficiency of Fluted Pumpkin production under Tropical Conditions” International Journal of
Vegetable Science Vol.13  



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