Name   Qualifications  
Area Of Specialization / Research Interest
   Prof. Adebayo Simeon BAMIRE
PhD. (Agricultural Economics)

Resource Economics

Research Areas :

(i) Agricultural land investments and sustainable water use in West Africa
(ii) Gender differentials and water management in the forest and savanna agroecological zones of Nigeria
(iii) Comparative analysis of resource use efficiency among households in rural, peri-urban and urban areas in southwestern Nigeria
(iv) Impact of large-scale land acquisitions on poverty reduction and food security in West Africa
(v) Agricultural policies and technology adoption: impact on food security and poverty reduction in Nigeria
(vi) Climate change: Effects of land degradation and desertification in Nigeria



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Bamire, A. S., T. Abdoulaye, P. Amaza, A. Tegbaru, A. D. Alene and A. Y. Kamara (2010). Impact of Promoting Sustainable Agriculture in Borno (PROSAB) program on adoption of improved crop varieties in Borno State of Nigeria, Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment, 18 (3&4):132-139

Bamire, A.S.; Akinola, A.A.; Olubode-Awosola, O.O. and G. Oyewusi (2008). Economic analysis of crop-livestock production among smallholder farmers in the dry savanna of Nigeria, Ife Journal of Agriculture, 23(1):86-103

Bamire, A.S and O.F. Deji (2007). Implications of land tenure and gender differentials on profitability of maize production in Nigeria, Journal of Agricultural Management and Rural Development, Nigeria. ISSN 1595-7715, 4: 137-157

Bamire, A.S., O.O.Olubode and A.A. Akinola (2005). Socioeconomic Analysis of Smallholder Land Management Practices in Rice-based Production Systems in Nigeria, Eastern Africa Journal of Rural Development, December: 21(1), 84-95

Bamire, A.S. and V.M. Manyong (2003). Profitability of intensification technologies among smallholder maize farmers in the forest-savanna transition zone of Nigeria. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 100: 111-118

Bamire, A.S., Y.L. Fabiyi and V.M. Manyong (2002) “Adoption Patterns of Fertilizer Among Small-Scale Farmers in Two Ecologies of Southwest Nigeria: A Tobit Analysis”. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research. 53:901-910

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