Name                  Qualifications  
Area Of Specialization / Research Interest
 Dr. O. A. Makinde
B.Agric (Animal Science) Ife, Second
Class Upper division (1982)

M.Sc (Animal Science) Ife (1986)

Ph.D. (emphasis: Animal Nutrition and
Products) (2006)


Application of nutrition and biotechnological tools in improving the performance
of livestock and development of locally available feed resources





Somade, B. and Makinde O. A. 1985. The influence of season on sow weaning to estrus interval and subsequent reproductive performance following estrus synchronisation by batch weaning. Beitrage Zur Tropischen Landwirtschaft und Veterinarmedizin 23: 339-343.

.Makinde, O. A. and Sonaiya E. B. 2003. The effect of environmental factors and location of layers on production and quality. In: Taiwo, A.A., A.M. Raji, J.U. Ogbonna and E.A. Adebowale eds). Nigerian Livestock: A Goldmine for Economic Growth and Food Security. Proceedings of the 28th annual conference. Nigerian Society for Animal Production. Vol. 28. 84-87

Makinde, O. A. and Sonaiya E. B. 2007. Determination of water-holding capacity, blood and rumen fluid absorbencies of some fibrous feedstuffs. In:Agiang,E.A.,L.N.Agwunobi and O. O.Olawoyin eds). Sustainability of the livestock industry in an oil economy. Proceedings of the 32nd annual conference. Nigerian Society for Animal Production. Vol. 28. 84-87

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