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      Dr. J.T.O. Oke

Ph.D (Agricultural Economics) Ife

M.Sc (Agricultural Economics) Ibadan
B.Agric (Agric. Economics) Second Class Upper, Ife


Specialisation: Agribusiness and Agricultural Finance
Research Interest: Microfinance, rural income generating activities, rural development, food security, poverty reduction and agribusiness in a globalizing world.


     For more information and enquiries, contact through
                Phone :::+234 806-654-0733


Bamire, A. S. and J. T. O. Oke, (2003), “Profitability of Vegetable Farming Under Rainy- and Dry-season Production in Southwestern Nigeria,” Journal of Vegetable Crop Production, 9(2) 2003: 11 – 18.

Oke, J. T. O. (2004), “The Impact of Population Explosion of the Straw- Coloured Fruit Bat (Eidolon hevium) on Host Trees in a Park at the Obafemi Awolowo University Campus, Ile-Ife,”Envirotropica, 1(1): 88 – 94

Oke, J. T. O. and R. Adeyemo (2006), “A Study of Microfinance Institutions and Smallholders’ Savings Mobilization in Southwestern Nigeria.” Bowen Journal of Agriculture Vol. 3(2): 217 – 227.

Aghonlahor, M. U., O. F. Ashaolu, S. A. Adewuyi, I. A. Ayinde and J. T. Oke (2006). “Improving Farm Income through Cooperative Action: the Case of Farm Households Participation in Group Activities in Ogun State, Nigeria.” Book of Proceedings of the Nigerian Agricultural Economists’ Annual Conference held in LAUTECH – Ogbomoso, 27 – 30 November, pp 45 – 52.

Oke, J. T. O. and R Adeyemo (2007). “Impact of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) on Rural Poverty Alleviation in Southwestern Nigeria.” International Journal of Applied Agriculture & Apicultural Research

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