Name   Qualifications  
Area Of Specialization / Research Interest
 Dr. O.  Oluwasola

B.Sc. (Geography),
PhD. (Agricultural Economics)

*Trade Policy and Agricultural Development in Nigeria.
*Input Supply Policies, Agricultural Development and Food Security in Nigeria.
*Macroeconomic policies promoting rural-urban linkages in Nigeria
*Policy and Development Dynamics affecting Sustainability of the Agricultural Production Sector in Nigeria.
*Policy Response to Changing National and International Food Crisis

                                                                                     List Of Publications
Oluwasola, O. (1996)"Selecting an Optimal Farm Enterprise Combination in Traditional Agroforestry Systems Using Portfolio Model Analysis." Agrosearch. A Journal of Agriculture, Food and Development., 2 (1& 2): 67-79. Nigeria

Oluwasola, O. (1997)"Economics of Traditional Agroforestry Systems: A Case Study of Ondo State, Nigeria." Journal of Applied Tropical Agriculture, 2(1): 26-30. Nigeria Abumere S.I. and O. Oluwasola (2001) “Food Supply to Ibadan: A Study of Rural-Urban Linkages”, DPC Research Reports, September,2001.

Oluwasola, O. (2001) The City Consultation method of the Urban Management Programme (UMP) as a Policy Strategy for Urban Poverty Reduction: The Case vothe Poverty Reduction Programme in Ijebu-Ode UN Vision Project on Global Public Policy Networks
The Brookings Institute, Washington DC. 2001.

Abumere S.I., Okafor S.I. and O.Oluwasola (2002) Rural Infrastructure and the Development Process in Rural Nigeria DPC Research Report, January, 2002.

Oluwasola, O.(2003) “Rural Development in Nigeria: Too Many Programmes, Too Little Results”, In Aiyede, E.R.; B. Alayande and A. Mabawonku (eds.) Readings in Development Policy and Capacity Building in Nigeria. pp 345-363, 2003. Daily Graphic Publishers, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Alimi, T, O. Oluwasola and A.O. Adejobi (2006) “Optimal Farm Size for Achieving Enterprise Objective in Poultry Meat Production in Osun State, Nigeria. ” World’s Poultry Science Journal, 62 (3): 525 – 539, September, 2006. (Netherlands).

Idowu E.O., D.A. Osuntogun, and O. Oluwasola (2007) “Effects of Market Deregulation on Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) Production in Southwest Nigeria. ” African Journal of Agricultural Research (AJAR). 2(9): 429-434 (Uganda) (

Oluwasola, O. and T. Alimi (2007) “Financial Intermediation in Agriculture in Nigeria: Emerging Role of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) ” Agrosearch. A Journal of Agriculture, Food and Development, 9 (1&2): 43 - 51

Oluwasola O., E.O. Idowu and D.A. Osuntogun (2008) “ Increasing Agricultural Household Incomes through Rural-Urban Linkages in Nigeria” African Journal of Agricultural Research (AJAR), 3(8): 566 – 573, August, (Uganda). (

Oluwasola, O. and T. Alimi (2008) “Determinants of Agricultural Credit Demand and Supply among Small scale Farmers in Nigeria” Outlook on Agriculture, 37(3): 185 – 193.September, (United Kingdom).

Oluwasola, O. and S.R.A. Adewusi (2008) “Food Security in Nigeria: The Way Forward” in Adebooye, C.O., Taiwo, K.A. and Fatufe, A.A (eds.) Food, Health and Environmental Issues in Developing Countries: The Nigerian Situation, pp 448 – 470. Cuvillier Verlag, Gottingen, Germany.

Adewusi S.R.A, M.O. Ilori and O. Oluwasola (2009) “Climate change and the maximization of Nigeria’s food resources” Adebooye C.O. et al (eds.) Biotechnology Development and threat of Climate Change in Africa: The Case of Nigeria. Vol. 2 pp 177 – 188, Cuvillier Verlag, Gottingen, Germany.

Oluwasola, O. (2010) “Stimulating Rural Employment and Income for Cassava (Manihot sp.) Processing farming households in Oyo State, Nigeria Through Policy Initiatives”. Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics (JDAE) 2(2):18 – 25, February, (Kenya). (



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