Name                  Qualifications  
Area Of Specialization / Research Interest
 Dr. S. O. Oseni
B.Agric. (1991)

M.Phill (Animal Science) (1997)

Ph.D. (Animal and Dairy Science) University of Georgia, USA (2004)

Animal Breeding & Genetics,
Livestock Biodiversity Studies,
Sustainable livestock production models,
Small stock in poverty alleviation


Oseni, S.O. and I. K. Odubote (1998). Evaluation of three breeds of rabbits for litter characteristics in South-west Nigeria. Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa, 46: 271-273.

Oseni, S.O., I. K. Odubote and O. Akinokun (2001). Evaluation of purebred and crossbred rabbits for fertility and pre-weaning litter performance in the humid tropics. Journal of Animal Production Research, 17(1&2): 100-110.

Oseni, S., I. Misztal, S. Tsuruta and R. Rekaya (2003). Seasonality of days open in US Holsteins. Journal of Dairy Science (USA) 86: 3718 3725.

Oseni, S., I. Misztal, S. Tsuruta and R. Rekaya. 2004a. Genetic component of days open under heat stress. Journal of Dairy Science (USA) 87:3022-3028.

Oseni, S., S. Tsuruta, I. Misztal, and R. Rekaya. 2004b. Genetic parameters for days open in US Holsteins using different editing criteria. Journal of Dairy Science (USA), 87: 4327-4333.

Oseni, S. (2005). Evaluation of the F1 and backcrosses of Nigerian local pigs and the Large White for litter characteristics in Southwest Nigeria. Livestock Research for Rural Development. Volume 17, Article #44 4/osen17044.htm.

Misztal, I., S. O.Oseni, S. Tsuruta and R. Rekaya (2004). Fertility in US Holsteins by State. In: C. Mosconi (Eds). Proceedings of the 55th annual meeting of the European Association of Animal Production, Bled, Slovenia, September 5th - 8th, 2004, pp C4.6 C4.9. Wageningen Academic Publishers, The Netherlands.

Oseni, S., E. B. Sonaiya and O. G. Omitogun (2006). West African Dwarf Goat Production under Village Conditions: 1. Characterisation and the Establishment of Breed Standards. A. Deininger (ed.), September 2006. Tropentag 2006, Proceedings of an International Conference, held at the University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany. Available at: http://www.tropentag.%20de/2006/

Ola, S. I., S. O. Oseni and G. N. Egbunike (2006). Analysis of the pre-weaning performance of West African Dwarf Goat kids under smallholder operations. Ife Journal of Agriculture, 22 (1): (in press).


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