The Department of Soil Science cooperates with the other departments in the Faculty in offering a comprehensive curriculum leading to the award of the degree of B.Agric. (Soil Science).  The focus of the Department is to provide instruction and research leadership in application of soil chemistry, physics, biology and pedology principles to economic and environmentally sound land use. Our programs are designed to improve basic understanding and practical management of soil resources in natural, agricultural and urban ecosystems.

The Department concentrates on the development of highly skilled, practical-oriented man-power as most graduates seek employment directly in various capacities varying from the purely scientific to the purely administrative; some become self employed while a few will pursue further studies either in Soil Science or in such Soil Science-oriented fields as soil mineralogy, agronomy, land-use planning and management, geology, geochemistry, soil microbiology, environmental studies etc.  In view of these diverse interests, the undergraduate programme in Soil Science has been designed with the following objectives:


to impart competence in the fundamentals of the main branches of basic Soil Science and practical agriculture;


to offer an opportunity of acquaintance with some of the basic problems of the farmers and the development of appropriate methodology in solving such problems; and


to impart knowledge of improved techniques for soil and water management, efficient method of fertilizer use and improved land use management approaches.


The Department also offers M.Sc., M.Phil and PhD programmes in diverse areas of specialization such as Pedology, Soil Physics, Soil Chemistry, Soil Fertility/Plant Nutrition, Soil Mineralogy, Soil Microbiology/Biochemistry and Soil environmental management.

Soil Science & Land
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